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United Church Schools
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At UCS learners can fulfil their dreams and aspirations throughout their school years and are equipped to become honourable citizens and leaders in their adult lives.

Nurturing individual potential
Our primary aim at UCS is to nurture and develop the potential of each individual. Every learner is special and has the ability to overcome obstacles through education. At UCS we encourage our learners to discover their own potential and strive to fulfil it. We emphasise the holistic development of both personal and academic growth as well as the empowerment of our learners through career and spiritual guidance. While we strive for academic excellence, we also recognize the importance of early detection of learning disabilities and we provide learners with the support they may need in addressing any educational challenges that arise.

An ethos of caring
Most of our learners come from disadvantaged backgrounds and experience many difficulties in their young lives. At UCS, our learners are cherished. We provide a loving and stable environment and we help each child to develop a strong self-esteem. At UCS we understand the challenges that children experience in their personal lives. We endeavour to address these issues in the social responsibility programmes in our curriculum and we encourage discussions around relevant topics.

Full time social worker
As part of our supportive and caring policies, we employ a full time social worker to work with the learners. As many learners come from child-headed homes or troubled backgrounds with abusive or absent parents we provide this service as an additional layer of support. Our social worker also provides our career guidance counselling.

Maths and science
With donor support, UCS opened a Maths and Science Centre in 2010 which is boosting the interest and study of these critical subjects. We have also been selected as the Gauteng base for the highly successful Living Maths programme which provides learners with an advanced foundation in mathematics and has a significant impact in the community. We are also privileged to have teachers on our staff who set mathematics and science exam papers for the Gauteng Department of Education.

Participation in the arts
At UCS we have an active and enthusiastically supported extra-mural performing arts department where we offer drama, dance and music. UCS is also privileged to have a partnership with the National Youth Orchestra. Learners are taught to play instruments and may also join the orchestra when they reach the required level of competence.

Sports programme
We look for innovative solutions to our lack of sports facilities. We partner with schools within walking distance and share their facilities or participate in friendly competition. A neighbouring government school in the area has a soccer field that it cannot afford to maintain. So UCS provides a lawn mowing and maintenance service for this field, in return for being able to use the field at certain times for our own sporting activities. Our quarterly sports days are held at the sports facilities at the Wits University Education Campus.

Guest speakers
We regularly invite inspiring guest speakers to our assemblies to share their stories. These are either high-profile motivational speakers or ex-pupils who have returned to sponsor other learners at the school. Our assemblies have also become an open communication channel between pupils and the principal for addressing all issues. Our assemblies include lively singing and dancing sessions where all voices can be heard.

Dream Girls Programme
30 learners from Grades 10, 11 and 12 have been chosen as candidates for the pilot project of the exciting and inspirational Dream Girls programme launched by The DAD Fund. One Saturday per month the girls enjoy activities designed to empower them and inspire them to study further and plan how they will achieve their future goals. This innovative outreach programme aims at helping the girls to become all they dream they could be.

HIV/Aids policy
We have an ongoing relationship with Nkosi’s Haven, which supports children and mothers with HIV or Aids, and Ikageng Itireleng, which supports child-headed households. Both of these organizations send learners to our school. This is part of our policy of welcoming learners with HIV and educating our learners about HIV/Aids and about living with people who have the disease. Gail Johnson, the founder of Nkosi’s Haven, is a member of the UCS school board.

Partnership with SANCA
Drug and alcohol abuse is a reality of life and we want to help our learners to stay free from these problems. To achieve this, we work closely with SANCA which runs programmes with our learners’ anti-drug committee. All information from our engagements with SANCA is shared at our school assemblies, and these activities go a long way towards maintaining a drug free environment.